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24 Aug 2019

NBlog Aug 24 - loopy intro proof-of-concept

Earlier this month I blogged about creating looping intro/title slides for your awareness seminars, courses, meetings, workshops and other sessions. Today, I've put the idea into practice by creating a loopy intro for next month's NoticeBored staff awareness seminar presentation on "Hackers". It's a proof-of-concept at least.

Hopefully you can figure out how it works from the slide sequence:

  • Slide 1 is the original title slide - conventional, plain and frankly very boring. Normally, that slide would remain static on the screen ... but now as if by magic stuff happens ...
  • Slides 2 through 6 sequentially modify the title, using red animated scribbles and a cursive/handwritten font, as if someone behind the scenes was figuring out something a bit more interesting to say, modifying the title slide in real time. You can see the slide timing under the thumbnails above, although the animations add a few seconds on each slide so the whole sequence takes nearly a minute;
  • Although you can't see it, slide 7 slowly fades out the red stuff, then the sequence returns seamlessly to slide 1, repeating slides 1 to 7 indefinitely as people arrive in the room and settle down;
  • When everybody is in place and the seminar is ready to start, the presenter simply clicks to drop out of the loopy sequence at any point, launching the main part of the presentation, a normal PowerPoint slide deck.
It works, the concept is proven but it's not exactly an enthralling sequence. I'm thinking up ways to jazz it up, and will share some creative ideas here on the blog tomorrow.

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