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29 Jan 2020

NBlog Jan 29 - taking it to the wire

Today since before 5am I've been slaving away over a hot keyboard in a steamy hot office on a flaming hot topic: malware awareness. 

As you may have noticed here on the blog, all month long I've been systematically tracking the ongoing Travelex incident, observing from a safe distance the unsightly aftermath of another ugly malware - and business continuity - incident unfolding before our very eyes.

With our end-of-month delivery deadline looming large, it's time to draw out the lessons from the case study and weave the whole episode into a compelling tale for February's awareness module - well, three closely-related tales in fact since as always we're catering for the differing perspectives, concerns and information needs of our customers' staff, management and professional audiences. 

What have we learnt this month? 

What has happened, and why? 

What do we think might/should have been going on behind the scenes, out of the glare of the media spotlight? What were the dilemmas facing Travelex's management and IT people?

How might things have played out if the incident had been handled differently?

And, most importantly of all, what are our carry-outs, our take-home learning points and the Things We Ought to be Doing? Taking the whole sorry episode into account, what does it mean for us, our organization, right now?

You'll find a few clues to the answers in the blog ... but for the full nine yards you'll need to hang on just a few short days until the awareness module is completed and published. 

Or of course you can invest something like 250 hours of your own time researching, writing and weaving your own set of security awareness and training content on this highly topical topic. Provided you can match or exceed the quality of our content, you'll be "quids in" if your salary and costs are below two measly dollars per hour!

Mutter mutter moan moan slave labour.

"Oh we need security awareness and training" they say. "Our people are the weakest links!" they exclaim. "Woe is me!  What am I to do?"  

I'm almost too modest to answer ... but not quite that daft.

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