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3 Jan 2020

NBlog Jan 3 - ISO27k business case published

I've just published the ISO27k business paper I wrote for the latest security awareness moduleIt elaborates on the typical business benefits and drawbacks of the ISO/IEC 27000 “ISO27k” information security management standards

It is the fourth revision, a complete re-write in fact of a generic business case paper I started roughly two decades ago. Since then, I've gained experience working with clients, chatting with participants in the ISO27k Forum, plus colleagues on the ISO/IEC committee writing and maintaining the ISO27k standards.

The new version deliberately takes a very broad perspective: ISO27k is not just about securing IT systems, networks and data ('cybersecurity') nor even 'information security'. It's really a governance structure for managing an organization's information risks systematically, in support of its business objectives. It's as much about exploiting as protecting information. ISO27k is a business-enabler.

Use it to construct your business case, budget request or project proposal to adopt ISO27k or, if you already have an Information Security Management System in operation, find ways to squeeze even more business value from it. 

Comments welcome.

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