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2 Jul 2020

NBlog July 1 - SecAware ISMS LaunchPad

We have just released ISMS Launchpad, a suite of mandatory ISO27k materials - templates for each of the documents required for organisations to be certified compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The idea is to get you past the initial staring-blankly-at-a-blank-page stage, trying to figure out what the standard really means by "Statement of Applicability", "ISMS Scope" or whatever.

We know how daunting this can be, especially for small companies that want or need to implement the ISO27k standards but lack the resources and expertise. We appreciate that it is tricky to interpret the wording of the standards and come up with documentation that will satisfy the certification auditors' expectations. 

With nobody to turn to except Alexa and maybe the ISO27k Forum, it's hard to navigate the ISO27k universe unaided.

So, this is what we set out to provide:
  1. All the mandatory docs as specified in the main body of '27001 and required of all organisations seeking certification, even those that choose not to adopt any of the Annex A controls (yes, it can be done!).
  2. Workable, realistic, pragmatic templates. We have interpreted the standard strictly, going just a little beyond the absolute bare minimum only where it makes good sense.
  3. A completely generic approach - a starting point for any organisation. Aside from the obvious differences in, say, size/complexity and industry, we appreciate that organisations vary in their information risks (e.g. contrast a SaaS cloud service provider against its customers).  
  4. A simple, solid, stable starting point. As the name suggests, Launchpad is a sound basis, a platform to build upon, regardless of where you expect to end up. Even large, complex organisations are well advised to avoid over-complicating things: the ultimate aim of the ISMS is to enable the organisation to achieve its business objectives through cost-effective information security management. Please don't construct a paper tiger!
  5. Top-quality content, naturally. We've been doing this stuff professionally for a long time, since way back when BS 7799 was conceived. 
  6. Excellent value for money. We firmly believe that cost should not be a barrier to adoption of the ISO27k standards ... so we've priced Launchpad very competitively*. 
You'll find file listings, descriptions and of course the price on the SecAware website

By all means email me for further information. Launchpad is a platform for us too: we'd love to help you design and launch a stellar ISO27k ISMS, so let's talk!

* If you have already forked-out for an "ISO27001 toolkit" only to find it is not quite what you needed, all is not lost. Launchpad can plug the gaps and replace the bits that fell off. 

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