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11 May 2022

Data masking and redaction policy


Last evening I completed and published another SecAware infosec policy template addressing ISO/IEC 27002:2022 clause 8.11 "Data masking":

"Data masking should be used in accordance with the organization’s topic-specific policy on access control and other related topic-specific, and business requirements, taking applicable legislation into consideration."

The techniques for masking or redacting highly sensitive information from electronic and physical documents may appear quite straightforward. However, experience tells us the controls are error-prone and fragile: they generally fail-insecure, meaning that sensitive information is liable to be disclosed inappropriately. That. in turn, often leads to embarrassing and costly incidents with the possibility of prosecution and penalties for the organisation at fault, along with reputational damage and brand devaluation.

The policy therefore takes a risk-based approach, outlining a range of masking and redaction controls but recommending advice from competent specialists, particularly if the risks are significant.

The $20 policy template is available here.

Being a brand new policy, it hasn't yet had the benefit of the regular reviews and updates that our more mature policies enjoy ... so, if you spot issues or improvement opportunities, please get in touch.

As usual, I have masked/redacted the remainder of the policy for this blog and on SecAware.com by making an image of just the first half page or so, about one eigth of the document by size but closer to one quarter of the policy's information value. So I'm giving you about $5's worth of information, maybe $4 since the extract is just an image rather than an editable document. On that basis, similar partial images of the 80-odd security policy templates offered through SecAware.com are worth around $320 in total. It's an investment, though, a way to demonstrate the breadth, quality, style and utility of our products and so convince potential buyers like you to invest in them. 

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