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18 Aug 2022

This blog is moving to a new home.

Future blog postings will appear as if by magic at:


To continue receiving this stuff, please update
your bookmarks and blog aggregators accordingly.


Rest assured: the bloggings will
continue until morale improves.


We have migrated the content as far back as 2007
to the new URL just in case it remains of interest or
entertainment value to anyone.  Paleontologists maybe.

You can browse and search for keywords
at the new URL just as here.
It's the same, only better-er.

If you've had enough already,
this is your big chance: do nothing
and this will be the last blog piece
you'll receive from me.
Don't even lift a finger.
The present blog URL will disappear
in a puff of logic at some point.


In the immortal words of Douglas Adams' dolphins,
so long and thanks for all the fish.

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